To feel your best your body needs to be as mechanically sound as possible. At NQ RESTORE we provide various services to aid recovery and rehabilitation. 


iHealth Infrared Saunas work by heating the body directly, penetrating 4 – 5 cm into the skin, creating a cardiovascular workout whilst removing heavy metals and toxins via sweat. Other health benefits: Reduces pain & inflammation  /  Weight loss  /  Improved sleep  /  Improves training recovery.


To book simply click on the link below. Sauna session length is 55 minutes.

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Fast and effective results by a Chiropractor who wants to teach you how to treat yourself. Majority of the bodies maintenance is easily taken care of at home. Imagine having to go to the mechanic every time you needed to check your cars oil or tyre pressure. At ACTV Chiropractic the team will give you the tools and techniques to take care of yourself, saving you time and money.

Josh Tolland

Josh always utilises a strong evidence based approach to injury assessment and management and believes education is the strongest platform for patients becoming injury and pain free and staying that way. He has travelled the world the past few years with the Chinese swim team as head of physical therapy for Sunyang (multiple Olympic and World champion). As a chiropractor I am always educating patients about what I can do and why chiropractic treatments play such a big part in everyone’s health and wellbeing.

Rudy Smith

Rudy‘s focus has been on treating all aspects of injuries, with a heavy emphasis on “pre-hab” in order to prevent injuries while helping create strength and stability. In his field he specialises in all extremities: leg, shoulder and arm pain, tension type headaches, muscle, tendon and ligament strains, repetitive strain injuries, and a variety of neck and back conditions. A desire to be constantly learning has had him traveling back and forth to America and Canada to attend post graduate courses in functional and soft tissue therapies. His treatment skills include soft tissue therapy; IASTM such as Graston and FAKTR, MET, ART, spinal manipulative therapy, low level laser therapy and strength and rehabilitation programs.

Massage Treatments available:
  • Swedish (Relaxation, gentle) – or ask for firmer press for a deep tissue massage
  • Trigger Point (Treating knots and problem areas more specifically) – “knot” for the faint of heart!
  • Pregnancy or Labour Inducing (if requested)
Suffer from Sciatica (nerve pain in the buttock)? Had a long day at work? Or maybe a hard session at the gym? Aching neck/back/hips/feet? Whatever the complaint is, let me help you.
Massage treatments are not a luxury in this day and age, they are a requirement. Take a moment and give your body what it deserves, for all you (might) put it through.

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Without sunlight, life would cease to exist. Only a small percentage of all sunlight is visible and less than 2% of that is infrared… and that’s the good stuff. No nasty ultraviolet that burns your skin and causes cancer. 

So, if nothing else, the iHealth Far Infrared Sauna is one way to take in some good rays, without the damaging UV. iHealth Far Infrared Saunas combine the highest quality carbon fibre Infrared panels and Pure Wave Ceramic heaters to selectively emit the most healthy wavelengths from the sun’s energy spectrum. Regular treatment using far infrared energy can benefit our health and well being in dozens of ways.


REDUCE PAIN – A study published in Clin Rheumatol 2009 showed 8 sauna sessions provided short term improvement of pain, stiffness and a trend toward long term beneficial effects. This is one of many studies.

WEIGHT LOSS – With regular infrared sauna use, clients can lose between 1 – 5 kg with their iHealth Sauna. We advise clients how to use their iHealth sauna specifically for weight loss.

 SLEEP BETTER –Infrared saunas can help deal with fatigue by calming the person to a state of relaxation so vast that they may fall asleep swiftly and sleep through the night. Sleeping through the entire night is a sure-fire way to dispel fatigue. The body resets itself better during sleep than during any other time of day or night.

FITNESS & RECOVERY – Top Australian athletes are using their iHealth Sauna to maximise recovery, cut weight and train for competition.


Traditional steam/hot rock saunas raise the temperature of the air in the sauna cabin in order to warm the body. Far infrared (FIR) saunas use the safe warming properties of the sun’s far infrared spectrum to warm the body rather than the air within the cabin. This process is called conversion. FIR warms only the object and does not raise the temperature of the surrounding air. To understand how infrared heat works, picture yourself outdoors on a summer day with the sun beaming overhead. Your body feels warm from the sun and you become hot. Then a cloud passes overhead, blocking out the sun. The temperature outside has not changed, but you feel cooler in the shade. Your body was being heated by the sun’s far infrared rays. Infrared heaters warm the body in the same manner as natural sunlight.

All life requires FIR heat from the sun. FIR heat is not ultraviolet radiation but a narrow band of energy within the 5 to 15 micron level. This type of energy travels 40 – 45 mm deep into the body. The sun is the primary source of radiant energy but not all of this energy is beneficial. Sunlight also contains harmful ultraviolet rays which are not present in the far infrared sauna. FIR heat provides the healthy benefits of natural sunlight without any of the dangerous effects of ultraviolet rays.

The healthcare industry has used infrared heat lamps as a source of FIR heat for many years (Eg to warm prematurely born babies) however the heating lamps were cumbersome, extremely hot and difficult to maintain at a constant temperature. The recent development of ceramic and carbon fibre infrared heaters created a new and convenient source of FIR heat.

If we don’t spend enough time outdoors then we may not receive enough infrared in our bodies. While far infrared penetrates and heats our body and causes us to sweat, the composition of chemicals found in the sweat is quite different from that produced by a steam bath, traditional steam/hot rock sauna, or exercise. The sweat of people using a far infrared sauna will not only contain water but will also contain cholesterol, fat-soluble toxins, heavy metals (such as mercury, aluminium, and arsenic), nicotine, sulfuric acid, ammonia, and other undesirable elements. Normal sweat produced by other methods, including exercise, is mostly water and sodium chloride (salt).

The regular use of an infrared sauna has a cumulative effect on the body, meaning that using it on a regular basis magnifies its benefits.


A typical sauna session would be 30 – 45 minutes at 45 – 55 degrees Celsius. Your iHealth Sauna can also be used for a 10 – 15 minute warm up regime prior to exercise or working out. This is especially beneficial to athletes. An iHealth Sauna session is also a great post-activity warm-down, especially in cold weather. Sauna sessions can be extended whilst remaining comfortable.


Health Professionals have been using far infrared technology for years. Have you ever gone to a Physiotherapist with a sprain and they put a red heat lamp on it? Well that’s infrared. Infrared treatment is also widely used in burn units to accelerate healing and hospital baby care incubators. Far infrared is from the safest end of the sun’s spectrum and is also something that our warm body generates.


iHealth Far infrared Sauna cabinets are meticulously hand-crafted from interlocking double walled Canadian Hemlock Spruce that has been kiln dried for 45 days. Kiln drying stabilises the timber and removes moisture preventing warping and splitting to guarantee years of trouble free performance. iHealth Saunas sources the wood from renewable plantations to ensure we maintain a green carbon footprint. Unlike timbers such as cedar, Canadian Spruce is resin-free and hypoallergenic so it does not emit toxic gases that may cause irritation to some people. This unique property has made Spruce the first choice in quality sauna manufacture for hundreds of years.There are no toxic glues, resins, veneers, plywood or MDF used in the construction of an iHealth Far Infrared Sauna.



  • NO NUDITY: Swimwear or underwear must be worn at all times in the sauna.
  • TOWELS: You must bring your own towel/s to sit on during sauna session. No towel, No sauna.
  • HYDRATION: Please drink plenty of water during and after sauna. Your swear A LOT so to avoid dehydration drink plenty of water.
  • SAFETY: If you are feeling faint or dizzy please get out of the sauna slowly and have a drink and rest. If needing assistance please contact an NQ staff member asap.


  • – Taking a hot shower prior to the sauna session will promote further perspiration.
  • – Having a cold shower straight afterwards will help reduce inflammation further and re-energise yourself.


Pregnant, sick, under the age of 15, dehydrated, under the influence of any alcohol or drugs.